About Me

I have included a sampling of my photography here. You will see images of people, nature, and places. I believe in natural photography and always minimize the amount of postproduction work with my photography.

Some visual art historians refer to this philosophy as documentary image capturing, and perhaps that fits, as I used to make documentary films. I like to capture moments as they are, where they are, and immortalize them as photographs. I see it as capturing time and space forever.

I hope that you enjoy the visual show here, and perhaps decide to commission me to photograph your special vent or project.


Professor Dargahi has a Master’s degree in Humanities from San Francisco State University with a concentration in Teaching Humanities and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film from University of Tehran. Aside from being a college professor, Aida is also a filmmaker and photographer and has had many photo exhibits in the US. Her 1991 documentary Arai, about the Khazak women in Iran, was the winner of Kazakhstan’s National Film Award, as well as the winner of Iran’s 1993 Women’s Film Festival Award. She is currently completing a photo-essay book about women in Iran.

Aida has taught courses from General Humanities to Mythology to Arts and Culture of Asia to Art History to Film Studies to Critical Thinking to World Cultural Diversity to Interpersonal Effectiveness at university and colleges throughout the Bay Area. Aida is especially versed and experienced in teaching Humanities courses, given the field�s wide scope and its interdisciplinary nature. Aida believes that a real college education can only be well rounded if it is grounded in Humanities and the Arts.